Saturday, December 3, 2016

Antiquing in the Adironadacks, Deluge on Grand Isle

Parked right downtown Lake Saranac. The pleasures of a small RV.

The coolest antique shop. Lots of good decor for adirondack cabins.
I don't think we'll stay at the Dew Drop Inn.

Lots of historic structures along the way. We spent so much time in Lake Saranac that we had no time for Lake Placid which looked pretty inviting. We carried on towards Burlington as we had a package to pick up at the post office. We had a mail forwarding service send our mail general delivery periodically and it was always an adventure to actually get it. Always "No, no there's no package here for you." And of course it always WAS there they just didn't LOOK for it properly. The postal service is not what it used to be.
It started to rain and by rain I mean REALLY rain when we got to the top part of Grand Isle. We managed to take shelter in a great antique store called Vallee's Den Of Antiquity. We ran the 50 feet to the front steps and still were soaking wet. As we looked around the thunder started up and the lightning cracked over and over. We were shaking in our boots literally it was that scary. We were ready to get back in the RV but weren't brave enough make to run to the RV. Max was shaking in the window of the RV and we knew he needed some consoling but the lightning was terrifying.
After loitering a good 10 minutes in the entryway we made a break for it. Whew! No lightning struck us down but it sure felt like it could've.
Lots of real antiques and not just junk.
We drove into Burlington Vermont and got stuck in the worst traffic jam. This is a pretty small town and to have such horrible traffic is a fail. We finally made it to the PO and went through the usual petty "no package for you" and rolled out of town in stop and go for 25 minutes. GAWD traffic jams are annoying when you're not used to them. We spent the night at a beautiful reservoir campground called Little River.

We walked the kids around the campground loops and one very austere, serious man walked by and gave us a "look" like what we were doing was ridiculous. Well maybe it was but we couldn't leave Erley at home by himself. It was "bring the cat" or don't go. We didn't let it bother us too much. Most people are excited to see him. Plus we were pretty excited about going to the Ben and Jerry's Factory and the Cabot cheese shop the next morning.

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